Monday, 18 February 2013

Sedona Lace - eyeshadows

I ordered these online a few weeks ago and received them probably a week ago but i've been so busy! fianlly i've got some time so i've decided to show em off!
They're an extremely brilliant palette, and extremely cheap for 168 colours!
Yep, thats right one hundred and sixty eight different colours that you'll LOVE & some are sparkly, perfect for a night out or to add some sparkle to your look or there's a choise of gorgeous matte colours to go along!
So, where do you buy these?
Its a LOVELY store called -
Sedona Lace
They have a website -
And a twitter if you want to look up their name!
It's an amazing compact case with some pretty cute colours but also some serious ones, oh and did i forget to mention ITS CHEAP.!
Go and buy one right now! they have smaller sized palettes for those who dont use eyeshadow a lot, and they're brushes are really ace!

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