Sunday, 23 March 2014


Hey Guys!
How are you all?

Today's post is quite different to my usual sort of thing - I've decided to do a clothing wish list for an amazing UK super brand called Warehouse

They have some truly amazing products that are of superb quality and on trend! I cannot get enough of their clothing, i'm so excited to be able to purchase some stuff very soon (birthday money in less than a week!!! yay!)

This tote bag is utterly beautiful, I love the gold hardware and it has an amazing texture to it, I especially like the little details! This bag can be purchased for $70.00 AUD

 In Australia it's getting closer and closer to the cooler months, however it doesn't get very cool here but I still love a good pair of jeans, and these ones look perfect and would suit any top I have!
You can purchase this pair for $66.00 AUD
 Now, this outfit altogether is perfect, however the main item I really want my hands on, it the jumper! I'm a sucker for florals no matter what the season! This lovely jumper is $70.00 AUD 
I am a jumpsuit fanatic, I love anything that's one-piece (except swimmers), however I am not usually one for this particular print, but I think this pattern would work on a variety of skin tones and I this it's unique design is definitely not similar to anything I own... = I NEED IT! $70.00 AUD

 This shirt is absolutely divine, I love the colour and think this would look pretty with a variety of things! A pencil skirt, jeans or even leggings to dress it down, I think you could even wear this with a pair of shorts! The possibilities are endless! $60.00 AUD

This dress is just so beautiful, it sits perfectly and would look amazing with a denim jumper for when it's a bit cooler! Definitely worth $70.00 AUD

This lovely, simple T-shirt look so comfy! I am really loving the folded sleeves lately, giving femininity a bit of a kick! But it still would look so great with a pair of leggings or jeans if you want to layer it, but personally this type of shirt is perfect for every-day wear. Was $20.00 now $13.00


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