Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Revlon Lipstick Review.

Hello Everyone!
Today for you I've decide to do a little review!
The product I've chosen to review are Revlon lipsticks!

All three are Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks, the left and right lipsticks are crème finish ones and the middle one has a pearl finish.

The first shade which also happens to be my favourite shade is called 'Love That Pink' #435 It's really bright and creamy but after a couple of minutes begins to feel as if it's drying on the lips. It's extremely pigmented and stain your lips.

The next lipstick has a pearl finish, on my hand it was quite sheer but on my lips it worked a lot better. It's name is 'Blushing Mauve'' in #460 This lipstick's really lovely but doesn't suite my skin tone. '

The last colour is called 'Blushing Nude' in #637 This lipstick has a creamy feel, it definitely has more of a reddy brown tone to it, but looks lovely on top of 'Blushing 'Mauve'. On the lips it looks like a very deep orange.

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