Thursday, 25 July 2013

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer - Review

Hello Everyone!
Last week I started my third term of year 11 and also my last term, although I am super excited I’m almost in my last year of school but one problem that is ongoing is dark circles due to the lack of sleep I have from late nights of study sessions and finishing homework and what not.
So I was on a mission to find a cheap concealer/highlighter, I searched through the whole make-up department in Priceline and couldn’t find one that interested me – until my eyes fell on this…
What is says?
A two in one concealer and highlighter that adapts to your skin tone, the shade I have is 010 Ivory which is also the lightest shade which I found a great match to my skin tone. It also claims to banish signs of fatigue and illuminate the eye area, with an oxygen complex.
*the above picture towards the right of the swatch the concealer has been rubbed in which shows how great a match it is. 
I bought this for AUD $13 from K-mart but it can be found anywhere Rimmel is available.
I feel that this product is reasonably good – but not great… Personally on my skin it doesn’t do an amazing job at covering my dark circles and is a light to medium coverage on small spots that aren’t overly red. I was mainly intrigued by the applicator, I’m not even sure as to what it’s called but once using it I realised its nothing to fancy. Even though this shade was a pretty good match for my skin tone it wouldn’t be great for anyone with skin lighter than me, maybe at concealing spots but it definitely wouldn’t do any highlighting.

I probably wouldn’t recommend this product, it had quite a dry formula that wasn’t easy to blend and you had to use pressure for it to rub into the skin which isn’t something you are going to want to be doing to your skin… Tugging at it will eventually promote wrinkles, but with saying that... I will still continue to use this product and just because it doesn't suit my skin as much as other concealers this concealer might be perfect for you!
I would rate this product two and a half maybe three stars.


  1. It's nice that you write such an honest review :) I always find that products that involve a brush like this dry out so much faster than others haha
    Meg xx

    1. Thankyou :) Yes! They really do and they aren't very hygienic either but also for Drugstore its a great product!


  2. Ahh yes, I do remember when I was going through year 11/12 and not getting a lot of sleep...actually, not much has changed! I agree with you that it's not the greatest product out there and its not very good for pimples/blemishes...isn't that what a concealer is for?

    1. hahaha, yes... Seems as if I may be far from getting good amounts of sleep.
      I totally agree, that's what a concealer should do! But I've slowly begun to love this product even more!