Sunday, 23 June 2013

S.S.secret post no.1

Hello Everyone!
Today's post is going to be my first EVER
S.S.secret post -
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How I Clean My Brushes!

These pictures show some of my brushes, I usually don't keep them all together because I have my favourites stashed somewhere else for everyday use!
First things first, I round up all my dirty brushes  and get them ready to be washed.
To wash them I need my Johnsons baby shampoo and a towel.
Next, I'm going to take the first brush and run it under cold water (never wash under hot water! the heat will melt the glue that holds the bristles in!) Also remember to always face your brush down, you don't want any water inside/near where the bristles are connected!

After this I squeeze some of the baby shampoo onto my hand, then take the damp brush and swirl it around on my hand, your can also squeeze it and watch as the make-up pours out. If you have never washed your brushes be prepared to be surprised at the amount that will come out!

After this step, and after you've made sure you've gotten all of the make-up out, feel free to re-shape your brush.
It's also best to shape it using the towel to wipe off excess water to help the brushes dry faster!

Above I have put a few photo's of how I clean my brushes, it's not that difficult AT ALL!
Always clean your brushes, you wouldn't believe the types of nasties lurking in your brushes!
I usually do this at night in hope they will dry by morning, sometimes I'm lucky and other times I'm not...
Don't they look 1 million times better?!?!?!
I hope you've enjoyed my FIRST EVER S.S.secret post no.1
Any questions will happily be replied to!
Do you clean your brushes as often as you should??


  1. Great tips! I love washes brushes and seeing the after effects! True beauty geek..haha.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I understand completely! It funny how a clean brush can perform so much better. Must admit I love clean things too. Neat and tidy!!

  2. Love watching all the makeup come out when I clean my brushes. That sounds weird doesn't it. ahah

    1. hahaha, couldn't agree more, it's quite satisfying to know that your brushes are now clean and free of all the make-up gunk and bacteria.