Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Study and Organisational Tips

Hey Guys!

How are you all?

It is also important for a bunch of other reasons too, but my main focus for the year ahead is to get good results so I can get into University in 2015.

So during my six week holidays I spent a lot of my time watching YouTube videos and reading other blog posts about school, study and organising. It has really motivated me to get in order and start keeping everything neat and tidy.

Today's post is really just to try and help anyone else who might need help whether it be studying, organising or even be getting motivated or inspired.

To get motivated you first must have goals. You cannot get anywhere without having an idea in your head of where you want to be, and if you're lucky enough to want your goal so much it turns into a dream. Then chase it, your goals don't have to be massive but maybe you want to get into a certain University course, work for that. Maybe you've dreamt of being a lawyer, doctor or a teacher. Keep that dream and work your butt of until you reach it. - SET GOALS

The topic of studying is quite a broad one to cover so feel free to ask any questions but i'm just going to give you a little break down on some tips.
  • Have a Study Timetable - this timetable can be set up for a week, fortnightly or even monthly, it's really up to you. By having a timetable set up it will ensure that you leave plenty of time to study for a big test instead of leaving it to the night before... You know you've done it before.
  • Find what helps you to study - some people record themselves and then listen to them talking, others re-write their notes over and over until it sinks in. Sometimes people can be lucky enough to just have to read something and it instantly clicks. Perhaps you need music - if so keep it quiet and boring like background noise.
  • Colour co-ordinate - This helps some but not everyone, personally it helps me as I keep each subject a certain colour in my student diary so that I always know instantly what subject I have homework for. It also helps me to distinguish between different syllabus dot points.

Being organised is the most important thing you can do:
  • Keep a calendar on your wall - Make sure to have a calendar for the whole year somewhere in your room and always write down things you have going on. If you prefer to use you phone or other technology do so, but a paper calendar is super helpful.
  • Always have a diary/ student planner near you - Keeping a diary is going to benefit you so, so much! but only if you actually use it!  Be sure to write in every bit of homework or assignment your given, and if it's necessary put it in a week early to ensure you don't forget that its due. Trust me, nothing is worse than forgetting you have something due the night before.

  • Keep your notes tidy and in correct order - If you do not write neatly or glue in sheets how will you study? It's almost impossible, so glue sheets in or keep them in a folder for that specific subject. Don't mix things together, it will not pay off in the long run. If you use a lap-top make sure all your notes are kept in the matching folder.

And don't forget to have an abundance of sticky notes!

Do you have any tips and tricks that help you study???


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  1. Really nice guide, I'm working on being better o studying and organising and this post is really helpfull <3 My trick is whenever you read something, have a book or your computer where you write around 5 lines about what it was you read so you are able to remember it when you start revising x)

    1. Aw thankyou! Wow, that's actually a really helpful tip! I always read something and it never sinks in so hopefully by doing that it will help me to remember more.