Wednesday, 3 July 2013

FIT ME! - Maybelline Products

Hello Everyone!
How is everyone? Lately I've been seeing a lot of advertising on Maybelline's FIT me products. I have had these products for quite a while and haven't used them for at least a month so I've decided to give them a try again to see how they felt. Except for the concealer, I've always loved and used it but am definitely in the market for something even better, suggestions would be appreciated!
So lets dive in, the colour I have in 210 sandy beige is definitely too dark for me at the moment as I bought this specifically for my face when its tan, It's quite a sheer and lightweight foundation that I would recommend for people who like a lighter coverage or its the season of Summer.
Personally, I would say that this foundation would be preferred by people without acne scaring or any acne as it has a bit of shimmer in it which may look as if they have more pimples than it really does. Although, after saying this the shimmer can easily be taken away with the powder, so don't worry too much! But it's definitely not a matte foundation.

The powder isn't my favourite powder but it does the job, there are also 12 shades but I have the colour 220 natural beige, I think I would have preferred to get the lightest colour and use it as a more of a translucent powder. It does the job of stopping oil coming through but rubs off quicker than most powders especially on the T-zone. The casing is pretty great, as you open it the powder is shown but then you can flip that part over to show a pretty reasonable sized mirror and powder puff.

When it comes to concealer there are 6 shades, I have the shade 10 Light, which is the lightest shade but really, it isn't that light especially since I haven't got very fair skin. It's a pretty great concealer in all honestly but its definitely probably not the best for people with lighter skin as they would need a light colour to brighten the eyes! For the moment it's probably a good match to my skin but I'd love to get one in a lighter shade to brighten underneath my eyes.

The FITme range also include a blush and bronzer but I don't own these.
I would love to hear any feedback on this post?


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