Saturday, 6 July 2013

S.S.secret post no.2

Hello Everyone!
Today's post is going to be my second
S.S.secret post -
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Todays topic will be TONER!

What is toner?

Typically know as a lotion that is designed to cleanse the skin and remove anything left over after cleansing, it also is meant to shrink the appearance of pores. Toner is the product that everyone knows as the product you use after cleansing but before moisturising.

How do I apply it?

Using a make-up remover pad to wipe over the face usually in the t-zone area but can be place all over the face.
Another option is to spray it onto the face if the product has that option.

What types of toners are there?

Skin Bracers or fresheners - These are the mildest from of toners and contain virtually no alcohol but have water and glycerine. Glycerine helps to keep the moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis. For example rosewater toners would fall into this bracket. If you have dry/dehydrated, sensitive or normal skin then this toner would be ideal.
The higher end product can be bought - here

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Skin tonics -  Are slightly stronger and have a small amount of alcohol, water and another ingredient to keep the moisture in the upper layers on the skin. Orange flower water would be an example for this and is recommended to people with skin that's normal, combination and oily.

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Astringents - Are the strongest type of toner and have a lot of alcohol, antiseptics, water and as always an ingredient to lock moisture into the skin. People who have oily skin are perfect for this product as these toners are drying to the skin.

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