Monday, 8 July 2013

Manicure Monday #7

Hello Everyone!
It's Manicure Monday again - what is it?
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For todays weekly nail I haven't got a new polish but instead I've decided to do a post on a couple nail looks that I'm currently obsessed with and they're all from a lovely website called Bellashoot
The first nail style I am loving at the moment is glossy block colours, especially pink (and I love a little bit of green...) The post below can be found alongside some other lovely nail ideas here.

The next nail trend would be nail art! I'm definitely not a nail artist but my sister is pretty good, whenever I need a little bit of nail jazzing I ask her. To find more pic's like this one click on this.
 The picture below would have to be one of my go-to nails, except I would prefer a warm toned colour and a bit of glitter where the blue is placed. Find this here.
 Last but not least, I cant turn away a baby pink with some beautiful rainbow colours sprinkled throughout. This is honestly too lovely to even talk about... But I guess I should tell you where to find more of this??? here.



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    1. Hey! Thankyou :) I would love to follow each other. xx

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  3. I love block colours. I'm loving mint green at the moment!

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    1. Sorry i'm replying so late...
      Lovely colour mint is!

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