Sunday, 14 July 2013

S.S.secret post no.3

Hello Everyone!
Today's post is going to be my second
S.S.secret post -
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Todays post is super exciting, I have a very mini haul from Priceline. Priceline is just your typical drugstore like Boots with everything beauty you could want.
I didn't but too much as I'm a student with basically no income so I can't afford very much. These products were little gifts for myself!
So, above is everything I bought, a lot of it was on sale which was pretty great!
Quickly I'll just mention the batiste dry shampoo... I have a full review here.
My next product is the Rimmel Apocalips lip laquer in Celestial. I wanted a few different shades but so many were sold out... These only just made their way to stores in Australia and we still don't have the full colour range unlike the UK. I'm not too impressed that I couldn't get the shades Luna and Big Bang.
The colour I've picked is a dusty, rose pink shade which I adore, the left is the product swiped and on the right is the product smudged out.
Next we have The Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I love this brush. I'm not sure if its better than my Real Techniques Buffing Brush but it's dam good and It gives my the most flawless base, I use this brush when I want a lighter coverage.

Here I have another product that only just arrived in Australia, the Maybelline Mega Plush mascara in very black. To be extremely honest I don't love this mascara, I like it but definitely don't love it. It hardly gives any volume and a little bit of length. Others may like it as mascara is the type of thing where everyone different. I still like it to use as a first coat as It's waterproof, will probably be saving this mascara for more natural days.
Last of all I have a new nail polish from Rimmel (Rimmel had everything half price!) a 60 seconds nail polish in instyle coral. I love this shade, its extrememly beautiful and definitely a Tasma colour!

What nail polish colour would you be??



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  2. The Apocalips colour you've got is beautiful! x

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